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T32 Training Grant in Reproductive Science, Medicine & Technology

The predoctoral T32 Training Program in Reproductive Science, Medicine and Technology, housed within the Center for Reproductive Science at Northwestern, aims to prepare future investigators, educators and thought leaders in the reproductive sciences while improving human health. Training is enhanced by the program's emphasis on technological advances that are being applied to the major reproductive health issues of our time. 

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The program encompasses didactics, classic and emerging research technologies, communication strategies and career development, including the following:

  • Foundational didactics on adult and pediatric male and female reproductive physiology
  • Advanced coursework in reproductive health and disease
  • Faculty mentors (see below) whose expertise spans basic, translational and clinical research in reproductive science and medicine
  • Technology-driven internships/externships through Academic Accelerator Partnerships
  • Technologies Primers, a quarterly seminar series on the design, development and practical applications of reproductive technologies
  • Professional development upskilling and exposure to diverse career paths through the CRS Career Catalysts series
  • Ample discipline-related programming and leadership development opportunities through the center

Reproductive Science T32 Eligibility

Candidates must be pre-doctoral trainees entering their second or third year of graduate studies in one of the following programs: Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences (DGP), Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS), Biomedical Engineering (BME), Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), Northwestern University Interdepartmental Neuroscience (NUIN).

Candidates must meet NIH National Research Service Award (NRSA) citizenship and support requirements

  • Citizenship: Any individual to be trained must be a citizen or noncitizen national of the United States or have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence at the time of appointment.
  • NRSA Support: No individual trainee may receive more than five years of aggregate Kirschstein-NRSA support at the predoctoral level, including any combination of support from Kirschstein NRSA institutional research training grants and individual fellowships.

How to Apply to the T32

Note: The application cycle is currently closed.

Please complete the application form, which asks for the following documents: 

  • A one-page statement from the candidate describing career goals and commitment to the training program
  • A one-page research project description, including background and biomedical significance of the research, a list of project goals and specific plans to achieve these objectives; the biological and translational approaches to problem solving must be emphasized.
  • An NIH-style biosketch, including honors, presentations, research experience, publications, etc.
  • Copies of candidate's undergraduate and graduate school academic transcripts

Acquire the following letters of recommendation, to be emailed separately from the application form to

  • Letter of support from proposed faculty thesis mentor (see list of mentors below) affirming candidate's commitment to the training program and agreeing to allow mentee to satisfy all training program requirements; the letter should identify sources of support for research proposed by the trainee.
  • Letter of support from another CRS faculty member

 Faculty Mentors

Training Program Leadership


J. Julie Kim, PhD, Program Director
Susy Y. Hung Research Professor
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology (Reproductive Science in Medicine)
Co-Director of the Center for Reproductive Science
Phone: 312-503-5377

Francesca Duncan, PhD, Associate Program Director 
Associate Professor in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Co-Director of the Center for Reproductive Science
Phone: 312-503-2172

Pamela Monahan, PhD, Director of CRS Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Affairs 
Lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Phone: 312-503-6305

 Executive Committee

An executive committee comprised of faculty leadership from affiliated graduate programs and of internal and external faculty representatives with distinct expertise in reproductive science training oversee the mission and execution of the predoctoral Training Program in Reproductive Science, Medicine & Technology. 

CRS Leadership

Graduate Program Representatives

CRS Faculty Representatives 

External Faculty Representatives 

Diversity Promotion Subcommittee

The Center for Reproductive Science has also compiled trainee resources to provide access to the many diversity centers and programs at Northwestern and in the reproductive sciences, including institutional and international societies, clubs, programs as well as outreach and career development opportunities.

For more information on the T32 training program, please contact us.

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