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We are at the crossroads of multiple disciplines, including medicine, physiology, chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, genetics, biomaterials engineering, religion, anthropology, law and bioethics."

Francesca Duncan, PhD, and  J. Julie Kim, PhD
Northwestern Center for Reproductive Science Co-Directors

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The Center for Reproductive Science is an interdisciplinary collaboration of medical and science scholars at the forefront of reproductive research, medicine and technology. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate at Northwestern and beyond. Get involved today:

CRS Subcommittees

The center's subcommittees were formed at the request of our community to enhance our members' ability to leverage our resources to make a greater impact and ensure we continue doing good science and science for good. Subcommittee members include faculty, pre- and post-doctoral trainees, graduate students, CRS staff and research staff. If you are interested in joining a subcommittee, please contact us at  crs@northwestern.edu.

Community Engagement

This committee aims to raise awareness and increase accessibility of reproductive science and medicine topics in the local community and with the broader public.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The mission of this committee is to review CRS programming and provide oversight to other committees to ensure that our programs are both diverse and inclusive, properly reflecting the diversity within our community.

Programming & Events

This committee engages our trainees in the planning and organization of CRS events to provide valuable professional development opportunities and make sure our community’s voices are heard in the coordination of all our events. Committee members plan the annual Upper Midwest Summit for Reproductive Science.

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