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Center for Reproductive Science

At the forefront of reproductive research, medicine and technology

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The Center's mission is to enhance and coordinate research in the reproductive sciences at Northwestern, to promote the application of this research toward human welfare, and to optimize the training of future researchers, educators and clinicians in the reproductive sciences.

CRS attracts people from all disciplines because we are interested in asking questions about reproductive biology in non-traditional and unconventional ways.”

J. Julie Kim,
Ph.D. Susy Y. Hung Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology


The Center for Reproductive Science has consistently been a positive force in promoting and supporting interdisciplinary research in reproductive science.

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Our researchers and trainees work in a highly collaborative and interactive environment that supports broad scientific perspectives and integrated experimental strategies.
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CRS provides opportunities for trainees at different levels and in a variety of programs to develop mentoring and collaborative relationships.

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Career Catalyst Series: Reproductive Scientists as Grant Program Officers

The Center for Reproductive Science (CRS) hosted its penultimate Career Catalyst for 2022 on November 11th in a seminar focusing on the role of Reproductive Scientists as Grant Program Officers. The invited panel of experts shared their experience and advice for pursuing careers as program officers in an hour-long informal discussion, providing perspectives from both, government, and private sectors, and exposed our CRS members to a new career direction.

Lunch and Learn: Journey to Embryologist

Sung Tae Kim, PhD and IVF Lab Director at University Hospitals Fertility Center in Cleveland, OH, introduced trainees to the field of embryology in his presentation entitled, “Journey to Embryologist: From School to IVF Lab.” Dr. Kim recounted his journey to becoming an IVF lab director, current requirements for becoming an embryologist, and advice to trainees who may be seriously considering this career path.

Alumni Spotlight on Monica Elabed, MS

Monica Elabed, MS, is an MS-RSM graduate, Class of 2020. She conducted non-thesis research with Dr. Pamela Monahan, PhD. She is currently Director of Business Development at Smithers Cannabis Testing Division. Read more about Monica's time in CRS and her current activities!

CRS Scientist Spotlight on Tim You

CRS Scientist Spotlight on Tim You, MD/PhD candidate in the Bulun Lab



Reproductive Research Updates

12:00 PM
Each week for over 30 years, the Center for Reproductive Science has hosted Reproductive Research Updates - a forum in w...