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Center for Reproductive Science

At the forefront of reproductive research, medicine and technology

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What We Do

The Center's mission is to enhance and coordinate research in the reproductive sciences at Northwestern, to promote the application of this research toward human welfare, and to optimize the training of future researchers, educators and clinicians in the reproductive sciences.

CRS attracts people from all disciplines because we are interested in asking questions about reproductive biology in non-traditional and unconventional ways.”

J. Julie Kim,
Ph.D. Susy Y. Hung Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology


The Center for Reproductive Science has consistently been a positive force in promoting and supporting interdisciplinary research in reproductive science.

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Our researchers and trainees work in a highly collaborative and interactive environment that supports broad scientific perspectives and integrated experimental strategies.
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CRS provides opportunities for trainees at different levels and in a variety of programs to develop mentoring and collaborative relationships.

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Dr. Joe Qiao Delivers Special CRS Fall Seminar

Dr. Joe (Huanyu) Qiao, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Biosciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign delivered a special CRS Fall seminar titled, “One ring to rule them all: RNF212 makes oocytes remember damage” where he discussed his groups focus on understanding key regulators in meiotic checkpoint pathways in gametes.

Frameworks and Tools for Interrupting Harm Workshop with Shá Norman

Shá Norman, an Equity Outreach and Education Coordinator at Northwestern's Office of Equity, led the CRS community through a Career Catalyst focusing on Frameworks and Tools for Interrupting Harm.

CRS Scientist Spotlight on Nathaniel Henning

CRS Scientist Spotlight on Nathaniel Henning, DGP graduate student in the Laronda Lab.

Alumni Spotlight on Sarah Khan

CRS Alumni Spotlight on MS-RSM graduate, Sarah Khan, with reflections on her time in the program and her current position with Essential Access Health.



CRS New Year Lecture: Dr. Debabrata Chakravarti

4:00 PM Robert H Lurie Medical Research Center, 303 E. Superior
CRS Translational Lectures in Reproductive Science presents:  The CRS New Year's Lecture "Epigenomic and enhancer dysfun...

CRS Erwin Goldberg Lecture in Male Reproduction: Dr. Erika Matunis

4:00 PM Robert H Lurie Medical Research Center, 303 E. Superior
The Center for Reproductive Sciences presents The Erwin Goldberg Lectureship in Male Reproduction "Finding your niche: s...