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Notable Discoveries and New Frontiers

Whole ovaryCRS leaders have made lasting contributions that have changed the trajectory of reproductive science and medicine, including:

  • Professor Neena Schwartz’s discovery of inhibin, the most powerful peptide hormone controlling male and female reproduction
  • Professor Erwin Goldberg’s discovery of lactic and malic dehydrogenases in human sperm which clarified the unique metabolism of sperm and provided new contraceptive targets
  • Professor Fred Turek’s discovery of the mouse Clock genes that are essential for circadian rhythm

Upon these strong foundations, the CRS community is driving the next era of innovation and pushing the frontiers of stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, bioengineered scaffolds, and nanotechnology. In so doing, we stay abreast of bioethics and influence policy in the areas of reproduction and the environment, sex inclusion in preclinical and clinical research, and use of human gametes and reproductive tissue for basic research.