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Faculty Collaborations

CRS faculty are active in their fields and publish often in peer-reviewed journals. Moreover, because of the interdisciplinary nature of reproductive science, many CRS faculty collaborate regularly and many have co-authored papers together. The graphic below illustrates co-authorship among CRS faculty from 2016-2021 (present) and further depicts the cutting-edge cross-collaborations among fields, which has become a hallmark of the CRS. Each faculty member is represented by a colored node that corresponds with their primary department. Faculty members are then linked if they have co-authored any papers indexed in Scopus since 2016.

A special thank you to Mao Soulakis and the Research Assessment and Communications Department of the Galter Health Sciences Library, for generating this data and creating this visual.

Collaborator Profiles Data

Faculty Publication Collaboration Network Data

Coauthorship among CRS faculty in publications from 2016 to 2021(present)