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Welcome to the 6th MS-RSM Cohort!

ms-rsm-boat-trip-2021.pngThe Master’s in Reproductive Science and Medicine Graduate Program welcomed our 6th cohort of student this September. Transitioning from a year where remote zoom classes were a constant, the MS-RSM is inviting our students back into the physical classroom and the laboratory to engage in active learning and to build professional networks that will provide stepping stones into the next stages of their professional paths.

Our 13 new MS-RSM  students have come from diverse educational and life experiences that have lead them to the field of reproductive science and medicine. Some of our new students have already established foot holds in our field like Gillian Rubenstein who previously worked with Dr. Francesca Duncan as a summer recipient of the CRS Marcia Storch Scholarship Fund for Undergraduate Women and Ria Marathe who worked with Dr. Marco Conti on understanding oocyte maturation and competence. We also have students that dove into lab research experiences like Claudia Stroupe at the Univerisity of Michigan and Asma Giornazi at the University of Boulder. Clinical research experiences were important educational and professional experiences for Olivia Printy who worked as an IVF coordinator and Yiru (Victoria) Zhu and Priyanka Suryavanshi who participated in embryology internships in China and India respectively as well as Pooja Devrukhkar who completed a degree in medicine. Stephanie Head and Cassandra Huerta were active in undergraduate research choosing to focus on projects that utilized more exotic animal species to study like the alligator and the pygmy marmoset. While, Pari Johnson and Katya Macias gained important clinical shadowing experiences that sparked a passion in women’s health. And to keep a scholarly record of progress in our field, Randa Abboud’s undergraduate studies and research focus was on the history of women’s

Together our new MS-RSM students have interests that spans topics in our field of science, from women’s health and disease, assisted reproductive technologies, science communication, oncofertility, equity in reproductive healthcare, advocacy, sexual health, reproductive infectious diseases, LGBTQIA+ health, history and so much more. Our reproductive science and medicine community looks forward to supporting them as they progress through our MS-RSM program, launch themselves into the next stages of their careers and become leaders in our field.