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Career Catalyst - "From Lab to Pharma: One Scientist’s Career Path" with Dr. Teru Jellerette-Nolan

teru-jellerette-nolan.jpgOn May 14th, CRS welcomed Dr. Teru Jellerette-Nolan, PhD the Associate Director of the Field medical team in Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Health at Ferring Pharmaceutical where she leads a Field Medical Team of seven Medical Science Liaisons. Dr. Jellerette-Nolan’s Career Catalyst presentation, “From Lab to Pharma: One Scientist’s Career Path”, energized a discussion on taking the career path from research to industry as a medical science liaison.

Dr. Jellerette-Nolan’s presentation began by discussing her career path from obtaining her PhD in Reproductive Physiology from the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, University of Massachusetts and then working in a research laboratory for some time before choosing to change her path to become a clinical embryologist. Shortly thereafter she became an Assistant Professor of Research in reproduction and infertility and studied male factor infertility. She then chose to alter her path and work as a medical science liaison with Ferring Pharmaceuticals, where she has been for the past 6.5 years. Dr. Jellerette-Nolan’s discussion on the lessons learned in her own path provided great discussion points for trainees exploring their own career and professional development path. Confidence in communication about oneself and your professional portfolio is integral to any career choice. Dr. Jellerette-Nolan emphasized relationship building and networking as key skill to develop and harness in the job search. In developing leadership potential, she focused on building partnerships and searching for characteristics that you value in your team members.

CRS was treated to a candid, illuminating and interesting presentation about the winding road that career paths can take for a scientist, but also brought in introspective thoughts on what one values in a career, how to achieve career goals and what becoming a medical science liaison entail. Time and experience bring different things to us all and finding your path may bring exciting and surprising opportunities.