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Welcome to the new MS-RSM Class!


Earlier this month, the MS-RSM program welcomed its fifth cohort! This year, eleven new reproductive scientists will begin their studies with the Center for Reproductive Science from their laptops and in laboratories. 

Our students have come from all over, such as Patrick Eckelkamp, who studied Animal Science at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and Katy Trotter, who was a nursing aide in North Carolina – not to mention Chanakarn Suebthawinkul, a physician who navigated responsibly traveling to Chicago from Thailand during a global pandemic (and Manuel Torres who did the same from Puerto Rico)!

Perhaps just as vital as our geographic diversity is the diversity within our discipline - reproductive sciences are present in every professional sphere: from medicine to art, from benchwork in the lab to bills in Congress, and from community organizing to education. And our new students come from and aim for every corner of that vast, varied field. While Asia Ingram is a walking library of information about biomedical engineering, Kelsey Andersen spent the past year working with animals such as dogs, cats, and sea urchins (you read that right!). And while Khadija Snowber spent her undergrad studying disparities in access to medicine in the south side of Chicago, Yair Lupovitch spent a year working with the University of Maryland’s “Palace of Worm Sex”, a laboratory dedicated to the studying the evolution of reproduction.

In charting their educational trajectories, while in the MS-RSM program, our new reproductive scientists participated in the CRS Open House that brought together 40 attendees with representatives from 15 different CRS labs. Virtually and intricately choreographed, student rotated in and out of zoom breakout rooms to hear about the research aims of the participating labs. This opportunity to discover and discuss the depth and breadth of our scientific community will aid in their decisions going forward in their research paths.

Finally, our newest cohort also renews our strength and steadfastness during these tumultuous times of social and civic unrest. There is indeed a light of hope and admiration for these students and their commitment that guides us. While this past month has given us a mere smattering of the diversity and resolution of our incoming students, it continues to propel us, as we elatedly and excitedly welcome all eleven of them, to kick off 2020-21, and to continue matching the growth and velocity of our ever-expanding field!