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CRS Supports Reproductive Health!


The CRS community is coming together to engage in initiatives that support reproductive health. For their annual conference, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) organized a virtual run/walk held October 1-15, and CRS was one of more than a dozen teams that took part in this event to support reproductive health. With the contributions from our community, CRS was able to raise over $400 that will benefit the ASRM Research Institute that was established to assist in research endeavors in the field of reproductive medicine. Our CRS team consisted of graduate students, faculty, staff, and their running partners, both furred and unfurred, and we anticipate that in future years we can gather an even larger CRS team to support ASRM.

For the month of November, in collaboration with the Northwestern Chicago Graduate Student Association, CRS is helping to support a Bras and Menstrual Hygiene Products Supply Drive. This drive is also in partnership with “I Support the Girls” Foundation. There is an increase in need due to the pandemic, especially for those who are facing homelessness, domestic abuse, and the impoverished. If you would like to support this cause, you can contribute any bras of good condition or wrapped menstrual products to a drop off site in the 10th floor of the Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center at 303 E. Superior St. on the Chicago campus.

As CRS expands our community engagement initiative, we hope that our community of scientists will continue to come together to support our programs and drives. If you would like to get involved or want to support our initiatives please reach out to us at