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The CRS Announces the 2019 Trainee Advisory Board Members

The Center for Reproductive Science (CRS) is an interdisciplinary collaboration of medical and science scholars at the forefront of reproductive research, medicine, and technology. The CRS mission is to enhance and enable research in reproductive science and medicine across disciplines, to apply state-of-the-art research and technologies to human reproductive health, and to train the next generation of research, clinical, and thought leaders in our field.

The CRS Leadership consists of: Teresa Woodruff, PhD, Director; Francesca Duncan, PhD, Executive Director; Beth Sefton, PhD, Program Administrator and Director of Graduate Studies, MS-RSM; and Pam Monahan, PhD, Lecturer. As a part of the leadership structure, this group works closely with CRS Advisory Board. The CRS Advisory Board is comprised of internal Northwestern faculty members, external leaders in reproductive science and medicine, and trainee representatives who work together to ensure that we are effectively fulfilling the CRS mission to enhance and coordinate research in the reproductive sciences at Northwestern, to promote the application of this research toward human welfare, and to optimize the training of future researchers, educators and clinicians in the reproductive sciences.

symposium400.jpgA major goal of the CRS is to support and train the next generation of scientists and clinicians in our field.  To this end, it is our priority to listen to and address the needs of our trainees and to provide them with a path and the tools to assume and succeed in leadership roles. All trainees were invited to apply to be on Trainee Advisory Board. Applicants were asked to write a personal statement including their specific ideas they would like to implement on the Advisory Board. Applications were then reviewed by a selection committee. These finalists were selected from numerous high-quality applications. We are thrilled to be joined by three new trainee members this year, and below you can find out more information about them and their vision for the CRS. We also thank the outgoing CRS Trainee Advisory Board members, Dr. Kelly McKinnon and Dr. Maxwell Edmonds for their outstanding service.

The CRS welcomes its 2019 CRS Trainee Advisory Board members - Farners Amargant, PhD, Poorva Sandlesh, PhD, and Roslyn Taylor, PhD.

Farners, Amargant, PhD, is a post-doctoral fellow in the Duncan Lab. Dr. Amargant recently joined Dr. Duncan’s lab to study hyaluronan biology and ovarian aging, and she completed her PhD at the Centre for Genomic Regulation and Clínica Eugin, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Dr. Amargant has tremendous leadership experience through her involvement as the chair of the “European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) 2018 Annual Meeting,” which will set her up for success on the Trainee Advisory Board. She is eager to create lasting scientific relationships in Chicago and the greater United States. As a member of the Trainee Advisory Board, Dr. Amargant would like to promote her knowledge of biological studies in Europe to the CRS Community. She stated, “I noticed many trainees are not aware of on-going reproductive research in Europe, and I would like to take advantage of my connections to promote a closer CRS-EU reproductive biology network.”

 Poorva Sandlesh, PhD, is a post-doctoral fellow in the Chakravarti Lab. Dr. Sandlesh completed her PhD at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and has seven years of research experience in cancer therapeutics including preclinical translational research, and expertise in transgenic and xenograft murine model development characterization. Through her experience as president of her student council and the SIFE (Student in Free Enterprise) team, Dr. Sandlesh has honed leadership skills that will translate well to the Trainee Advisory Board. While in graduate school, Dr. Sandlesh organized workshops for students and after school activities to help improve morale and enthusiasm. She hopes to create similar programs within CRS. Dr. Sandlesh understands the importance of being a well-rounded scientist. “I believe my work will be more impactful in society if I am able to communicate my research findings to the community, interact with my fellow peers and exchange ideas alongside performing experiments in the lab…I wish to take more responsibilities and become a much more active member of this organization.”

Roslyn Taylor, PhD, is a post-doctoral fellow in the Hope Lab. Dr. Taylor’s main reason for joining the CRS Trainee Advisory Board was because she believes woman need strong scientific role models. She stated, “So often, I felt like I did not belong in my field because of my gender identity. To this day, science still feels like a men’s club, yet there are strong women throughout STEM fields who are often not recognized. I would like to be one of those role models for my peers at CRS.” Dr. Taylor’s background is in immunology, and her research is focused on mother-to-child HIV transmission through breastfeeding. Dr. Taylor completed her PhD at the Yale University School of Medicine.  Dr. Taylor’s diverse scientific knowledge and passion for multidisciplinary research and collaborations will make her a wonderful addition to the Advisory Board.