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Center for Reproductive Science Director, Teresa K. Woodruff, receives 2019 Women in Endocrinology Mentor Award

The Women in Endocrinology Mentor Award, made possible by a grant from Pfizer, Inc., is given annually to an individual whose outstanding scientific achievements are coupled with a record of support for women in academics and of mentoring women in their scientific careers. Dr. Woodruff will receive this award at the Annual WE Meeting, which is held in conjunction with the Endocrine Society Meeting. 

Dr. Woodruff was nominated for this award by Dr. JingJing Kipp who is currently at DePaul University and is a CRS Alumni. Dr. Kipp nominated Dr. Woodruff for this award because she encourages her trainees to achieve their best potentials. Dr. Kipp stated, "Dr. Teresa Woodruff is a world-class scientist, an award-winning educator, and a visionary leader. Throughout her career, Dr. Woodruff has demonstrated a strong passion for mentoring. In her laboratory, she has created an environment that fosters scientific adventures, creativity, skill training, career development, and collaboration. Her dedication to the career development of her trainees continues well beyond the time when they leave her laboratory. Her mentoring is not just limited to trainees from her own laboratory, but extends to young scientists in the broader scientific community. Dr. Woodruff is a role model, a mentor, a supporter and a friend. She is truly a deserving candidate for the Women in Endocrinology Mentor Award."

 Dr. Kipp’s sentiments are echoed by those who wrote letters of support on behalf of Dr. Woodruff.  As one former trainee mentioned, “During my time in her lab, she not only trained me as a scientist who could perform experiments and publish scientific papers, but also shaped me into a scientist who could be a principal investigator - one who could conceive research projects, write grant proposals, and mentor undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students.”

Additionally, Dr. Woodruff encourages her former trainees to take a holistic view of their career. She supports them as they work through career challenges and life decisions. Another former trainee noted, “Dr. Woodruff was adamant that I not give up my family for my profession or vice versa, and with her guidance and support, I was able to take the leap of faith and make a significant but seamless career transition.”

The Center for Reproductive Science thanks Dr. Woodruff for all she has done to encourage trainees to achieve scientific success. Dr. Woodruff is thrilled to be receiving this honor, and she says the following, “I am so honored to receive the Women in Endocrinology Mentor Award - it represents a great deal about the students that have trained in my lab and the leaders that they have become. I am proud of each of them and their accomplishments. Mentoring awards represent family trees and I am a product of two former WE Mentor Awardees, Neena Schwartz and Kelly Mayo. Learning how to mentor and creating mentoring habits are what I learned from Neena and Kelly and I hope that these lessons continue into my F2 generation! Thank you to all of my students for this honor!”