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The MS-RSM Students Explore Communicating Science to the Public

By: Chelsea Castleberry, CRS Program Assistant, April 2, 2018

Communicating science to the public is an important part of being a scientist. As part of our Human Reproductive Development course (REPR_SCI 406), our Master of Science in Reproductive Science and Medicine students used their creativity to create presentations about reproductive science in terms that the general public could easily understand. The group’s projects ranged from poetry, songs, and crossword puzzles, to Facebook posts, surveys and prototypes:

  • Folliculogenesis was discussed in this cover of Katy Perry’s song “Fireworks.” (Jordan Machlin)
  • A social media post, which focused on gaps in sexual and reproductive health knowledge, and education that is faced by the South Asian population. This photo series highlights some of the major events that individuals experience as a result of the taboo surrounding sexual health, menstruation, and reproductive health. (Leah Simon)A prototype of a staircase model to describe the cervical changes towards cancer
  • A workbook for adolescents to learn more about the reproductive system. It consists of a coloring page with fun facts, a seminiferous tubule maze, a word search, and a crossword puzzle. (Hyebin Roh)
  • A prototype (right) of a staircase model to describe the cervical changes towards cancer. The staircase discusses the mechanisms of screening, prevention, and treatment of these “pre-cancerous” lesions. (Sharrón Manuel)
  • A poem about Evelyn the Egg, “The Big Debut.” (Alexandra Fontaine)
  • Discussions (Nathanial Henning) and a children’s book (Kaitlin Hitt) regarding the challenges and innovations with respect to cancer survivors and infertility.
  • A game of darts (right) to symbolize fertilization. Using a sperm dart from the “Sperm Bank”, each player will take turns throwing the dart in an attempt to pop the balloon with the awaiting egg inside! (Julia Balough)Julia presenting her fertilization dart game
  • A board game, Reproclue, in which players try to figure out a reproductive health disorder using the three main facts: the symptom, the tissue affected, and the organ system it occurs in. They do this by having their characters run around the human body and gather evidence. (Sheila Egan)
  • A poster of the sperm and spermatogenesis, which includes a twist to a popular game used in birthdays, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, but in this case, you pin the tail on the sperm. (Sergio Cardona-Gonzalez)
  • An interactive map (right) of the female reproductive tract detailing the obstacles on the road to fertilization. (Cynthia Salas)An interactive map of the female reproductive tract
  • A survey of how individuals perceive men’s interest in female reproductive health. (Jennifer Rowley)
  • Discussions of controversial topics such as fertility massage. (Jennie Chen)

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Disclaimer: These projects were submitted as assignments for a graduate level course as part of the MS in Reproductive Science and Medicine program at Northwestern University. The projects are educational and do not represent the views of the Center for Reproductive Science or Northwestern University. While we review content for appropriateness, the information does not replace medical advice from a licensed professional.