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CRS Holds the Second Annual Virtual Journal Club between Northwestern University, USA and the University of Murcia, Spain!

By: Chelsea Castleberry, CRS Program Assistant, December 21, 2018

CRS members participating in VJCOn December 4th, the Master of Science in Reproductive Science and Medicine (MS-RSM) students connected with the Masters in Biology and Technology of Reproduction in Mammals students at the University of Murcia in Spain via our second Virtual Journal Club.

For the second annual trans-Atlantic journal club, the group discussed “Dual-spindle formation in zygotes keeps parental genomes apart in early mammalian embryos” by Reichmann et al, published in Science in July 2018, as well as a commentary, “Double trouble at the beginning of life” by Zielinska and Schuh, also published in Science. The manuscript discusses how each parental genome in mammals is initially confined in a separate pronucleus, and found that dual-spindle assembly in the zygote offers a potential mechanistic explanation for division errors commonly observed in human embryos at fertility clinics. The students were split into groups, and alternated presenting sections and figures of the manuscript.

We were thrilled to be able to interact with the University of Murcia and to transcend the boundaries of “ordinary” ways of work. Maria Jimenez Movilla, Director of the MSc program in Spain, said that, “this experience is a reward for the effort we make every day.” The two programs plan to continue this tradition each year.

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