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Reflections of an amazing start to the MS-RSM program

January 4, 2017

As the new year begins, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a major accomplishment of 2016 – the inauguration of our first Masters of Science in Reproductive Science and Medicine program.  Below are thoughts from our leadership and students.

  • “It has been such a treat to begin the MS-RSM program as a Northwestern alumni and former CRS trainee. my favorite aspect of the program was reviewing applications, interacting with applicants, and getting to know our inaugural cohort. In some way, each student reminds me of myself. I really look forward to seeing the students grow and to learn from them as well.”  - Beth Sefton, PhD, Director of Graduate Studies, MS-RSM program
  • “The first quarter of the MS-RSM program challenged me in the best way possible. Because of the program's stimulating and hands-on approach, I found myself learning more than I ever have in an academic setting. The extensive network, cutting-edge techniques, and brilliant instructors I have been exposed to has really allowed me to flourish as a student.” – Tracy Zhou, MS-RSM student
  • “This course is very beneficial. Being a beginner in this area, I am very satisfied with how the course was designed in order to provide an overview of reproductive science from all of its possible facets.  The incentive and encouragement given by Dr. Woodruff is undoubtedly worth of praise. By the end of just the first quarter, I was able to comprehend the successes and challenges of research especially for the betterment of human fertility.” – Asha Varghese, MS-RSM student
  • "I have really loved being a part of this truly unique program. We have covered so many thought provoking, challenging and interesting topics in a short amount of time. We have also had so many opportunities to learn advanced lab techniques and use start of the art equipment. Most graduate students don't have access to this! It is so wonderful to be part of a program that not only has such supportive professors, lecturers and lab instructors but also a very supportive student body. I do not think that you could find another program like this" – Megan Runge, MS-RSM student
  • “In this program we meet people from different countries and different backgrounds. I'll never regret my decision to join this program!” – Yi Luan, MS-RSM student

Inaugural Class of MS-RSM