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Get the Inside Scoop on our CRS Summit Speakers – Spotlight on Dr. Patrick Kiser!

By: Francesca Duncan, Executive Director, CRS, May 30, 2017

In preparation for our upcoming CRS Reproductive Science and Medicine Summit, the trainee organizing committee has been busy getting to know our speakers.  Featured this week is an interview with Dr. Patrick Kiser. Register for the Summit now and have the opportunity to interact with these vibrant leaders in our field!!!

Patrick Kiser

Patrick F. Kiser, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Reproductive Science in Medicine), Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering and Feinberg School of Medicine

Interviewed by Ann Marie Carias, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, Cell and Molecular Biology, Hope Lab

Worst lab mishap:  Dr. Kiser had been working on ARV implants for two years, when his team found out that that some of them were leaking like a sieve.  This made their data unpublishable, and they needed to repeat at least a year’s worth of experiments. These experiments ultimately lead to a $20 million grant!

Science topic most excited to see develop in future: Dr. Kiser says: “We have to see an end to the HIV pandemic.  I think immunoengineering is a fascinating area.  I’D like to see a three dose trivalent vaccine against all HPV, HSV, and HIV serotypes.  However, what we really need is clean power and a way to get the CO2 out of the atmosphere and oceans. I’d also like to see a real thorium reactor developed and commercialized.”

How he chose his career path:  Dr. Kiser wanted to be an oceanographer like Jacques Costeau (his childhood hero alongside Spock).  His parents got him a microscope and a chemistry set, and off he went.  He says “the rest of career has been a random walk through my interests.”

Non-work hobbies: Dr. Kiser likes to make things like bread and do projects like Arduino and woodworking. He is pretty handy and was taught woodworking by his grandfather who was a master craftsman.  Dr. Kiser also likes to sail and is now looking for a 30-37 foot sailboat.