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Get the Inside Scoop on our CRS Summit Speakers – A Spotlight on Dr. Julie Kim

In preparation for our upcoming Center for Reproductive Science 2017 Reproductive Science and Medicine Summit, the trainee organizing committee has been busy getting to know our speakers.  Featured this week is an interview with Dr. Julie Kim.  We look forward to seeing you at the Summit next week!

Julie KimJ. Julie Kim, Ph.D., Susy Y. Hung Research Professor, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Reproductive Science in Medicine), Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Interviewed by Drew Nowakowski, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, O’Halloran Laboratory

Science topic most excited to see develop in future: Dr. Kim believes that modeling human physiology with innovative tools is the way of the future.  “We have and continue to make incredible and rapid advances in science and technology, i.e. sequencing, robotics, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence.  We have also made major discoveries in biology that have allowed us to understand how the body works and how to combat diseases.  Bringing engineering and biology together provides a powerful and unique look into the complexity of human physiology.  This is especially impactful in reproductive science with its ethical restrictions and a need for improved model systems.  We got a taste of this with the opportunity to build Evatar and have discovered things that were not even on our radar.  I am excited to see how much insight we will gain by merging these technologies and making sense of all the data that is being generated.” 

How she chose her career path:  Dr. Kim describes her career path as “not a conventional one.”  She did her undergrad in Microbiology at the University of Toronto, Canada, which led her to a summer research internship with an enthusiastic Professor who was doing a sabbatical Quebec City.  She loved the science, she loved the city and the culture, and she wanted to learn French, so she pursued a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Laval University with the Reproductive Biology group.  During her postdoc years with Dr. Asgi Fazleabas, she was open to a number of different paths her PhD could take her.  Dr. Kim says: “I focused on what I loved and where my strengths were and it has brought me to where I am today (although my French is quite rusty).”