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CRS Members Presenting at the 2017 Annual Oncofertility Consortium Conference

By: Chelsea Castleberry, CRS Program Assistant, November 14, 2017

Since 2007, the  Oncofertility Consortium hosts an Annual Conference each November. The 2017 meeting will take place November 14-16th in Prentice Women’s Hospital and consists of a full-day of education, lab-courses, and breakout sessions, followed by two more days of traditional lectures, poster sessions, and networking events.

The annual meeting attracts over 200 members of the oncofertility community each year. This year’s meeting, Research and Translational Medicine: Meeting the Needs of Cancer Patients and Survivors, highlights three contemporary topics in the field of oncofertility: pregnancy & cancer, sexual health, and quality of life issues.

The Center for Reproductive Science will be represented through 27 poster presentations from CRS trainees, faculty and staff! Major themes include advances and new techniques in fertility preservation; knowledge, attitudes and perceptions towards fertility preservation among cancer survivors, transgender adolescents, and persons with type 1 diabetes; an assessment of egg quality during the pubertal transition; communicating reproductive health information to the public and analyzing reproductive health knowledge; new frontiers between zinc vesicles and cortical granules; in vitro modeling of the male gonad; and the many dynamics of the human ovary.

Keep your eyes out for posters from our members during the poster session on Wednesday, including:

  • Rafael Confino, BS,
  • Ralph R. Kazer, MD
  • Susan C. Klock, PhD
  • Angela K. Lawson, PhD
  • Mary Ellen Pavone, M, MSCI
  • So-Youn Kim, PhD
  • Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD
  • Kristine S. Corkum, MD
  • Courtney Finlayson, MD
  • Atsuko Kusuhara
  • Luhan T. Zhou
  • Allison R. Grover
  • Sarah R. Wagner
  • Francesca E. Duncan, PhD
  • Megan A. Runge
  • Nicole C. Woitowich, PhD
  • Emilie Johnson, MD, MPH
  • Kelly A. Even, BS
  • Monica M. Laronda, PhD
  • Nathaniel FC Henning
  • Hunter B. Rogers
  • Emma S. Gargus
  • Natalie Quan
  • Shula Horton
  • Hoi Chang Lee, PhD
  • Nan Zhang, PhD
  • Thomas V. O’Halloran, PhD
  • Maxwell E. Edmonds
  • Alexandra R. Rashedi
  • Micah Forshee
  • Sharon Tam
  • Shuo Xiao, PhD
  • Dana Kimelman, MD
  • Hideyuki Iwahata
  • Yuriko Iwahata
  • Yi Luan
  • Robert E. Brannigan, MD
  • Jaewang Lee, PhD

The Oncofertility Consortium is a national, interdisciplinary initiative designed to explore the reproductive future of cancer survivors. Stay Connected with the Oncofertility Consortium on Twitter (@oncofertility) and on Facebook!