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Congrats to members of Dr. Daniella Matei’s lab on their latest accomplishments!

By: Chelsea Castleberry, CRS Program Assistant, September 27, 2017

Please join the Center for Reproductive Science in congratulating Dr. Yinu Wang, Dr. Salvatore Condello, and Linyu Cao, all members of Dr. Daniella Matei’s lab, on their latest accomplishments!

Dr. Yinu Wang, a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Matei lab, was recently awarded the Ann and Sol Schreiber Mentored Investigator Award from the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance.

The Ann and Sol Schreiber Mentored Investigator Award (formerly the Ann Schreiber Research Training Programs of Excellence Award) provides funding for trainees who are working under the supervision of a mentor who is a recognized leader in the field of ovarian cancer research. The award provides a total of $75,000 to be used over one or two years, and will encourage the recipient’s research career in the field of ovarian cancer. This grant is named in honor of Ann and Sol Schreiber, OCRFA’s founders.

“In my awarded grant, I hypothesize that epigenetic rewiring plays an important role in the maintenance of ovarian cancer stem cells (OCSCs). Therefore, I propose that similar to pluripotent cells, OCSCs possess a unique chromatin ultrastructure.  The goal of my study is to define the physical ultrastructural signature and molecular chromatin modification signature of OCSCs. To achieve my goals, I am planning to use label-free, live-cell partial-wave spectroscopic (PWS) microscopy coupled with ATAC-sequencing that directly assesses transcription factor (TF) accessibility to chromatin binding sites.  In the long-term goal of this study is to discovery of novel key information on epigenetic regulation of gene signatures of CSCs allowing the rational design of new treatments to eradicate CSCs.” – Yinu Wang, PhD.

Also a member of the Matei lab, Dr. Salvatore Condello, a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, received a Friends of Prentice award. Friends of Prentice is committed to superior healthcare spanning the full spectrum of a woman's life. They fund leading edge initiatives that improve the quality of health for women and infants in our immediate community and across the globe.

“Traditional therapeutic strategies fail to selectively eliminate the quiescent cancer stem cell population within the nutritive and supportive tumor microenvironment. By The Friends of Prentice Grants Initiative funded proposal, I will characterize and target a new functional link between extracellular matrix components and oncogenic intracellular signaling by assessing two clear objectives: 1) Structurally dissecting the novel tissue transglutaminase/Frizzled7 co-receptor complex that regulates the oncogenic Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in ovarian cancer stem cells; and 2) Developing and optimizing a new antibody-directed therapy against this new molecular target of the rare cancer stem cell population, with the final goal of decreasing the high mortality rate associated with ovarian cancer.” – Salvatore Condello, PhD.

And finally, Linyu Cao, a former PhD student of Dr. Matei, just accepted a position as an Instructor at the University of Alabama in the Department of Clinical Chemistry. We wish Linyu the best of luck in Alabama!

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