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Program Eligibility and Application Process

The Predoctoral Training Program in Reproductive Science, Medicine, and Technology housed within the Center for Reproductive Science at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is currently accepting applications for two pre-doctoral trainees entering their second or third year of graduate studies in one of the following graduate programs (DGP, IBiS, Chemistry, BME, MSTP, NUIN).  

The 2021 application cycle is now closed. Please check back in Febrary 2022 for information on appointment for Fall 2022.

Program Eligibility
Candidates must meet NRSA citizenship and support requirements

  • Citizenship: Any individual to be trained must be a citizen or noncitizen national of the United States or have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence at the time of appointment. 
  • NRSA Support: No individual trainee may receive more than 5 years of aggregate Kirschstein-NRSA support at the predoctoral level, including any combination of support from Kirschstein-NRSA institutional research training grants and individual fellowships.

For more information on NRSA eligibility requirements, see the NIH Grants Policy Statement on Kirschstein NRSAs.

Application Process

Students with interests and goals of the Predoctoral Training Program in Reproductive Science, Medicine, and Technology, and in the labs of training grant mentors are eligible and encouraged to apply. Nominations must include the following items:

  • Completed nomination form
  • A one-page statement from the nominee describing career goals and commitment to the training program.
  • A one-page research project description including background and biomedical significance of the research, a list of project goals and specific plans to achieve these objectives. The biological and translational approaches to problem solving must be emphasized.
  • An NIH style biosketch, including honors, presentations, research experience, publications, etc.
  • Letter of support from proposed mentor (to be sent separately, see below). The letter must affirm their commitment to the training program and agree to allow their mentees to satisfy all training program requirements.  It should identify sources of support for research proposed by the trainee.
  • Letter of support from another CRS faculty member.