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Participating Mentors

The CRS Training Program brings together 20 Faculty Mentors selected from the large pool of CRS investigators and clinicians to provide ambitious and unique training opportunities, across multiple disciplines in reproductive science and medicine.

Thomas McDade, PhD

Biomedical Engineering
Evan Scott, PhD

Cell and Molecular Biology
Thomas Hope, PhD

Medicine - Endocrinology
Margrit Urbanek, PhD

Medicine - Hematology Oncology
Daniela Matei, MD

Microbiology - Immunology
Laimonis Laimins, PhD

Molecular Biosciences
Carole LaBonne, PhD
Sadie Wignall, PhD

Fred Turek, PhD

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Mazhar Adli, PhD

Serdar Bulun, MD
Debabrata Chakravarti, PhD
Francesca Duncan, PhD
J. Julie Kim, PhD

Monica Laronda, PhD

Colby Thaxton, MD, PhD