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PhD - Reproductive Science Cluster

Graduate study in the Life Sciences at Northwestern University is administered through the PhD Studies in Life and Biomedical Sciences at Northwestern University (NU-LaBS) umbrella program. This overarching structure includes three admitting Life Sciences programs: The CRS also works with interested students participating in other Northwestern graduate programs such as:

The CRS does not administer the PhD programs at Northwestern.  For more information on graduate programs and opportunities, please visit The Graduate School.

These programs are highly integrated, and ten graduate “clusters” bring together students from multiple departments, programs, and campuses to foster a close knit community around common scientific themes. Many CRS faculty members conduct basic research and participate in the RSM cluster, providing exciting opportunities for graduate students to work in their laboratories. All graduate students conducting research in laboratories of CRS faculty members are extended RSM cluster membership, and interested students from other laboratories are welcome to join as well. Learn more about the RSM Cluster!

In addition to the graduate programs, CRS programming provides our students with rigorous and tailored course and bench work in reproductive science and medicine:

Our mission is to train future researchers, educators, and thought leaders in the reproductive sciences, while simultaneously improving human health. professor in lab

Our programming is complemented by the theme of technological advances which are being applied to the major reproductive health issues of our day. We provide our trainees with tools such as functional biology in microfluidic systems, advanced material science for tissue based bioinks and organ bioprosthetics, molecular recognition biology for drug targeting, nano- and photonic manufacturing, genomics and epigenetics, and advanced microscopy. Our emphasis on technologies brings a decidedly innovative angle to our programming that will prepare our trainees to excel in the lean, fast-paced scientific environment of our collective future.