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Students and faculty at a poster session

CRS Faculty are integral to the MS-RSM program and actively teach and mentor students in broad areas of reproductive science and medicine.  Our faculty bring unique basic science, translational, and clinical perspectives to the program. Teaching faculty members are experts in their field and have first hand research or medical experience in their subject area. 

Each fall quarter, faculty with open master’s student positions in their laboratories present their research to prospective MS-RSM students at a scientific poster session (pictured below: Professors Urbanek, Chakravarti, and Payne discuss a current project).  


Prospective students are also encouraged to contact program leadership and faculty to discuss specific research interests.

Dr. Pamela Monahan teaches important didactics in both Male & Female Reproductive Physiology (pictured below).


MS-RSM students also receive hands on training with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Dr. Jessica Hornick, Operations Director of the Biological Imaging Facility, shows a student new techniques in the lab (pictured below).

Jessica showing a student equipment in the lab


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